Amateur Radio Wallpaper

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<h2>Ham Radio Wallpaper</h2>

Many hams make fun of others that collect “wallpaper” which are certificates representing various special events and QSO parties. But These ‘wallpapers’ help introduce others to our hobby.

Rag Chewer’s Club – My very first certificate.
W9IMS Indianapolis Motor Speedway, one of several.
Boy Scouts of America 100 year anniversary.
5 Sullivan Brothers Veterans Day Memorial
Pro Football Hall of Fame

Route 66 On The Air
Route 66 On The Air
40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing
Walt Disney World’s 15th Birthday Event
Stark RTTY Group Special Event
W8TQE Paradise Special Event
W8TQE Hell Special Event
Route 66 – 2007

QSO Party Wallpaper

Maryland-DC QSO Party
Maryland QSO Party
New Hampshire-Vermont QSO Party
Pennsylvania QSO Party
Vermont QSO Party
Virginia QSO Party