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KK3Q’s Contesting Awards

No matter what one says, contesting is the best way to build your operating skills, code speed, as well as QSL counts for the myriad of amateur radio awards and certificates.

I’ve listed the various contest I have had the honor of receiving recognition for. While in the past the station here was modest and the current station even more so, it does not diminish the desire. Unlike other hobbies where the feeling is if you can’t run with the big dogs then stay on the porch, contesting lets you (actually encourages you through QRP) to take your station on the airwaves with the big dogs of the contesting World.

I’ve been told & reminded that I’m “not a contester” because I don’t use N1MM or CW Skimmer. Well, many of these were not only won without N1MM and CW Skimmer but with handwritten logs on paper forms.

The irony of coming in 1st place from 3 contacts on 2M FM.
ARRL Sweepstakes – 2007
ARRL Sweepstakes – 2006
ARRL 10 Meters Contest – 2006
CQWW WPX Third Place W4 Call Area
IARU First place in North Florida
IARU Third Place in North Florida
IARU Fourth Place in North Florida
CQWW Inaugural VHF Contest